Teaching in the Present

Teaching in the Present© draws from three models of learning: the yogic philosophy of abhyasa and vairagya, yoga curriculum and practices for youth and teachers, and Emily’s philosophy on remote teaching.  As an experienced instructor and participant within these teaching traditions, Emily helps educators improve their hybrid learning models to foster genuine connection and presence.

Teaching in the Present programming is flexible and consists of various opportunities:

  • training in mindful digital or hybrid course design
  • how to teach movement and mindfulness to children and teens in digital or hybrid settings
  • mindfulness and yoga practices for educators for healing or stress relief
  • participation in ongoing digital forums with other educators
  • static digital content development for school staff to utilize over time such as meditations, breathing techniques, movements, or related lessons

If you are interested in professional development for your school staff, personal consultations about your teaching, or content development for distribution to your teaching staff, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss these opportunities with you in person.


mamamouseyoga [at] gmail.com

Healing Apps for Busy Teachers

Given the very small windows we have right now to slow down and take care of ourselves, apps that provide free, bite-sized meditations, breathing exercises, classes, and regular “check ins” are a godsend.  We strongly  recommend  exploring Insight Timer, which doesn’t require a login to use and is free. This app allows you to access live teachings, guided meditations, a useful timer to help you shape your regular meditation goals, plus so much more.  K-12 teachers that we’ve worked with love Calm and Headspace, which are subscription services.  The Atmosphere app offers something a little different: binaural and isochronic sound healing frequencies. What we love about this feature is that with headphones, for ten or fifteen minutes at a sitting, you can help your brain achieve calm, reduce anxiety, and reset your nervous system.  For busy teachers, this is something do-able. We can pop our headphones on for ten minutes in the car, on the subway, while preparing for our day in the bathroom, or in bed just before sleep—and voila, some easy, no-effort healing.