All classes are currently offered online. See our Schedule for details, or contact us to schedule a consultation.


Please join us in welcoming our newest teacher, Sheryl Campbell! Join Sheryl today for an online kids’ yoga class.

We are offering some new Sanskrit for Kids classes. Check them out!

Emily and children meditating in wilderness

Kids’ Yoga

Yoga classes for elementary, middle, and teen groups that nurture and empower kids.

Sanskrit for Kids

Learn to speak, read, and write the language of Yoga in a delightful children’s course.

Preschool Yoga

Designed to serve pre-schoolers and their families through games, songs, and movement.

Family Yoga

A simple yoga practice to wind down the day and the week prior to bedtime. Families connect together through a weekly yoga routine and flow and often engage in partner or group poses.

Personalized Yoga

Session packages personalized for you, your child, or your family.

Coming Soon: Family Sanskrit

In colorful and soothing lessons, we learn about the energetic flow of Sanskrit in the mouth, the Sanskrit alphabet, and some easy words and chanting. Families learn to read Sanskrit together.

Yoga for Teachers and Schools

Professional Development. Visit our Teaching in the Present page to learn about how we are training teachers to foster genuine connection and presence in today’s digital and hybrid settings.

With Grounded Kids Yoga, teachers receive professional development in how to teach yoga to their students. Schools receive hands-on materials and follow-up support. Programs can be designed for individual classrooms or whole-school participation. Rates are negotiable, and you will work directly with Mama Mouse.

We also offer a unique Sanskrit Weekend Program with the American Sanskrit Institute. This includes learning about the yogic concepts of abhyasa and vairagya, which translate exceptionally well to digital pedagogy and can be accessed by all teachers, in all situations, for all ages.